What if healthcare data was
universally accessible?

Cure Data is pioneering new methods of discovery, diagnosis, and globally-scalable biotools.

Doctor using heads-up display

A multi-decade foundation.

Cure Data builds on the pioneering work of the Miftahof Lab to model the dynamics of human digestive organs.

Portrait of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Founder and CEO

Founder, OQuant
Serial Entrepreneur
Portrait of Dr. Roustem Miftahof

Dr. Roustem N. Miftahof

Research Scientist

MD, General Medicine and Surgery
PhD, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
DSC, Technical Services
Portrait of Saurabh Joshi

Saurabh Joshi


Portrait of Elliott Donnelley II

Elliott Donnelley II


Vice Chair, Synergos
Founding GP, White Sand Investor Group
Founder, KD Venture Partners
Portrait of Fadi Salameh

Fadi Salameh

Business Strategist

Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC)
Portrait of Dr. Ashby Monk

Dr. Ashby Monk


Executive & Research Director, Stanford LTI
Sr. Research Engineer, Stanford Engineering

Interested in the future of biodata?

Join our journey to power medical breakthroughs with non-invasive data derived from advanced organ simulations.